Hotel AI chatbot: All the answers in one place!

Increase direct hotel reservations automatically!
From a team with over 20 years of experience in the hotel industry
  • Guest support: 24/7/365
  • Up to 80% of frequently asked questions: answered instantly
  • Requests for accommodation and services: accepted
  • Night birds: serviced
  • Customer data: collected
  • Self-service for guests: provided
  • Staff training tool on their phone: bonus
  • Innovative marketing and sales: yes!
  • Rest for you: it’s time!

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A Fact!

With an average of 35% of night chatting and 20% - 45% of requests through the hotel chatbot happening at night, there is finally a solution that is fast, easy to use and convenient for customers, and helps the hotel and staff deal with various challenges around the clock.

Smart means SMART!

The hotel chatbot is a SMART tool that can answer mostly asked questions by the hotel customers.Because of the information it contains, it could be used also as a learning tool for hotel employees.


800+ Hotel topics

The conversation module, supported by the Umni team, instantly recognizes 800+ hotel topics


Request forms

Unlimited number of request forms (sending an email to the hotel and SMS notification to staff)


11,000+ questions

The conversation module, supported by the Umni team, is trained with 11,000+ customer questions


Voice detection

Exchange voice messages with the bot in Bulgarian and English for faster online communication

Why now?

Chatbots offer improved customer service, cost savings, availability, efficiency, scalability, and a competitive advantage for businesses.
Starting to use chatbots now can provide these benefits and give businesses an edge over their competitors.


Top revenue generation channel

In 2021, the hotel website became one of the top 3 revenue generation channels for hotels globally (2nd and 3rd place). At the same time, 56% of users leave it after viewing 1 page, and 54% - after ½


Top trend in the chatbot world

43% of chatbots are used by businesses on their website and their usage continues to grow


Top trend in hospitality industry

Although it is a relatively new technology for hotels, the usage of chatbots by hotels in 2022 will increase by 53% (64% among independent hotels)


Customers want it! Competitors do it!

The hotel website needs to be modern and smart, and to communicate better!


The hotel chatbot has build-in integrations with booking engines like Quendoo, WebHotelier, BookOnlineNow and CRS. Currently we are working on integrating Clock PMS.



WebHotelier's efficient, 100% reliable, two-way integrated GDS & IDS Channel Manager lets you upload rates and availability and retrieve bookings from internet OTA & GDS sites in a flash.



Quendoo is a PaaS platform offering a range of functionalities for the hoteliers and property owners


Clock (soon)

Clock Software offers a complete and integrated suite of cloud-based hotel management software



BookOnlineNow is an intelligent, flexible and very powerful online booking engine developed on cutting edge technologies. It is designed and built to convert more direct bookings.



Hotel management software - efficient, easy, secure, fast, and ready to use on any device

Good practice

Increase sales of your hotel services with a direct link or QR code to a form in the chatbot for booking or requests for


  • Accommodation
  • A table in the restaurant
  • Room service
  • Meeting room
  • SPA services
  • Promotions in the chatbot
  • Birthday cake
  • Order of a gift voucher
  • Wakeup call
  • Transfer to the airport, etc.


Direct your guests to the request forms from anywhere online and offline with 1 click or scan: from social media, emails, messengers, SMS, flyers, business cards, banners, stickers, or QR-code in the room, at the reception, in a smart TV on the territory of the hotel, on a table in the restaurant and everywhere else, where there is digital and physical traffic of your potential and current guests.

Hotel compendium


Hotel compendium

The digital replacement of the paper hotel compendium! Check the pros and cons of all digital alternatives of the compendium and why the chatbot is the ideal solution